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All Pups Are Limited AKC Unless Stated Otherwise!

Welcome to our website! We are dedicated to raising AKC Poodles in various sizes and colors. Our goal is to provide healthy and happy puppies to loving families. Take a look at our available puppies and feel free to text us with any questions you may have. 

Irresistible pups available now! Find your perfect match and bring home your new furry friend as soon as Feb 12th! In this group we likely have tiny toy, toy, and miniature.

Common Questions:
What size will the pup be?
Until the pup is 5-6 weeks only tell you the size of parents as an estimate as to adult size. At 5-6 weeks of age, we can get a better estimate, but it is still just that...An educated guess. 

What is the pup's personality going to be like?
Again, this is something we need to wait until the pup is a bit older to have a better understanding. Typically, you start to see base personalities come out around 5-6 weeks old. Some pups seem to change personalities overnight but for the most part that base personality is always going to be there. 

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