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All Pups Are Limited AKC Unless Stated Otherwise!

We are approximately 12 years into creating our own healthy, properly built, well-rounded poodle line, in various sizes and colors. No pup is perfect, but we are always working to improve the next generation of Shover’s Poodles. We want to provide you with a puppy that adds tremendous joy and love to your home for many years to come.  Feel free to text us at 918-235-1585 or 918-315-5928 for more information about adding one of these adorable pups to your family. 


Little Lady

Mootilda & Petunia

Mootilda & Petunia

Sweet & Spice

Such Pretty Pups

Such Pretty Pups

Contact us 918-235-1585 for more information about adding one of these adorable pups to your family.



Manly Man

Average Pricing
5.5-20 pounds pups/teens are $1,500-$2,500
3-5 pounds pups/teens are $2,500-$4,000

Adoptions are typically $150-$350 


Available Adoptions


10 pounds

6.5 pounds

Common Questions:
What size will the pup be?
Until the pup is 5-6 weeks only tell you the size of parents as an estimate as to adult size. At 5-6 weeks of age, we can get a better estimate, but it is still just that...An educated guess. 

What is the pup's personality going to be like?
Again, this is something we need to wait until the pup is a bit older to have a better understanding. Typically, you start to see base personalities come out around 5-6 weeks old. Some pups seem to change personalities overnight but for the most part that base personality is always going to be there. 

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