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First two weeks with your new puppy are the most challenging. Some pups go to their new homes and adjust right away, as if they have been there their entire life. Other pups get stressed and don't want to eat much, for those pups you need to make sure that you have healthy alternatives to dog food. Getting them to eat some can chicken (spoiling them) is better than them not eating and having sugar issues. You can slowly wean them off the chicken or other less desirable foods once they are more secure in their new homes. 
Below are some things that stressed pups have a hard time refusing.


Below are some products we use with our pups that work really well for us.

pee pad.jpg

Our pups do well with using pee pads as an alternative to going outside. They hold up through lots of washes and unlike the disposable ones they aren't fun to destroy :) 


We use this conditioner for our babies and adults. They also have a matching shampoo that works great! We actually use blue dawn dish soap with this conditioner but I know not everyone is comfortable using non-conventional things :)


We Love this bed! It is not only soft but holds up really nice. While they are still young avoid beds with high sides! We use litter boxes when the pups are young and sometimes they get a little confused by a bed with sides. After a month or so any bed you choose should be fine :)


This is the type of playpen we keep our babies in. They are great to have around for anytime your attention is needed somewhere else. They are also a great tool when working on house training, no sneaking off to quiet areas to relieve themselves. 


This is the crate your baby will be started with. We use them for night time only. I always buy at least one size larger than the suggested size.



IF you are comfortable using something that isn't typical :) This is a good paste for regular monthly deworming's and also a good medication to have on hand if your pup starts to have loose stools. It is a pretty safe medication and side effects of accidental overdose are minimum. For deworming's in pups 6 weeks or older you can give about 1/2 a pea size amount (under 4 pounds) or a pea size amount (over 4 pounds) for three consecutive days each month.


Our pups have this kept down at all times! It is a very small kibble that is easy for young pups to eat.


This is the can food we use most often. We don't feed canned by itself! We mix this can food, kibble, nuvet, probiotics, and a little water. We allow it to sit until the kibble starts to soften. We typically feed this in the mornings and approx 3 hours before bedtime. 


*smaller pups (2 pounds and under) feed more often and are fed right before bedtime.

These are the probiotics your baby takes here. They are great at helping keep their bellies in good balance. We always send home a few pills for their first days in their new home but they should really be kept on them. For our pups (depending on size) we mix 1/3-1/2 a capsule into their "dinner". Just open the capsule and sprinkle the desired amount and save the rest of the capsule for the next day. Once they are over 6 pounds we give a whole capsule. 

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