All pups are listed as Limited AKC! 

A little bit about us...
We love our dogs! They are part of the family.
 My husband works a full time job so he typically handles the flights and deliveries on the weekends.
My kids, when not in school, help clean and give our babies playtime.
I take care of the pups full time, make all the vet /grooming trips and handle most sales. 
My mom also helps care for the pups, she is our stand in for when we have to be out of town.  
We have all size of poodles, although, 10 pounds and under is most common for us.
We are currently working on a 10-30 pound line!! Those should start being available late 2020!
We do genetic testing to make sure we pair our females with the best mate!
Our breeding females are retired no later than five years of age; breeding males by age six. 
The pups and adults are socialized throughout each day! 
We strive to produce happy & healthy pups that will make a great addition to your family. 
We don't release pups until we feel they are mature enough to handle the stress of leaving mom and siblings. The average is around 9 weeks of age, however, sometimes they are 12 weeks or more.

Before Placing A Deposit

Deposits are nonrefundable unless the pup doesn't pass his/her vet check!

Once an invoice has been requested on a pup, you are to pay the invoice within 24 hours. We can't guarantee the pup will be available if the deposit is still unpaid after 24 hours.

Deposits are paid by PayPal and postal money orders.

(postal money orders for deposit on pups less than 4 weeks old)

Pup balance and travel fees are to be paid 7 days in advance if the pup is:

  • Flying

  • Being delivered by a nanny service

Flights with a nanny are typically Tuesday-Thursday. 

Pet safe flights are typically Friday-Monday


Pups are to be paid in full by 10 weeks of age!

At four weeks of age we give an educated guess of the adult size, we can NOT guarantee adult size! Pups grow at different rates and can throw back several generations. 

Photo/Video updates are done as we have free time! When the pups are reaching their go home date we are typically too busy preparing everything for their departure.  

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Puppy Health

Our pups receive at least two puppy checks from our vet before going to their new homes. You are responsible for having the pup checked out by your vet within 72 hours of getting your new baby. If your vet determines that the pup has a fatal or life altering congenital condition then you may return the pup and receive a full refund of the purchase price.


On the occasion that your pup presents a life altering defect during his or her first year of life (with vet verification) you can return the pup for a refund of the purchase price. If you choose to keep the pup then only a partial refund will be provided.


                                                  In the event of death

Proof from your vet that an autopsy was preformed and the cause of death was genetic is required. Refund of purchase price or a replacement puppy will be provided. 


Verification from a licensed vet is required for any request for refund or replacement pup!


We do our best to make sure your baby goes home free of all parasites! However, sometimes the stress of being in a new place away from everyone and everything the pup has known allows a dormant issue to become active. Most common things triggered by the stress of leaving its home are coccidia and Giardia. Probiotics and/or safeguard are good to help make sure your new little guy/girl doesn't have these issues. It is best to start you new baby on these right away! Don't wait for an issue to arise.